Common Expectations and Pitfalls

Having worked with hundreds of companies over the years, we are cognizant of the challenges and expectations involved in development and ongoing management of a successful contracts program.  The United States Government as a customer is a highly-prized asset.  They are the largest purchaser of goods and services in the world, and they are required to pay within 30 days.  As such, it is always concerting to see companies with great products and services, whose contracting sales program fail to meet expectations.

Like any other sales effort, to be successful, there must be focus, leadership, and commitment on behalf of the company.  For many companies, a great deal of effort has been put forth to be approved under a GSA contract.  However, all too often, when looking at existing client programs, there is typically limited implementation to include only “part-time” assignment of a sales person or persons with no experience in government contracting.  We see client companies whose entire operational marketing plan relies on nothing more than being under a GSA contract, hoping that the phone will ring.

The government purchases nearly $60 billion a year using GSA Schedule Contracts.  However, what most do not realize, is that nearly 50% of all companies under contract have little to no sales.  This point emphasizes the need to develop and implement a program that will identify opportunities and provide a methodology to pursue opportunities through award.


Common Challenges associated with federal sales programs:

  • Lack of research and marketing intelligence to define market targets; determine relevance in the market; determine market size; identify & target opportunities over a 3 year period.
  • Inability to adequately adjust to cyclical volume demands and provide effective and efficient processing of bid requests
  • Non-existent metrics to capture success rates, contract data required for reporting.
  • Inadequate procedures for bid opportunity identification; bid review process; bid development and submittal.
  • Lack of federal contract knowledge to provide field assistance on contracting matters
  • Inadequate staff to maintain GSA contract administration requirements such as modifications, price increases, addition of services / products.
  • Inadequate controls and procedures for performance monitoring, standard operating procedures, training, and financial accounting.
  • Lack of understanding of rights and responsibilities while performing under contract.  Both are important to understand.


How the Breen Consulting Group Can Help

Based on our experience, the Breen Consulting Group (BCG) is poised to assist you with the development and administration of your federal contract sales program with a plan that is customized to your needs. Whether your objective is to obtain consulting advice and implementation support in improving one or more aspects of your program, or you are seeking a qualified partner to manage the entire complex program administration, BCG has experience in all aspects of relevant contract programs to make your contracts program successful.  Here are just some of the ways we can help:

  • Provide comprehensive market intelligence to include relevant data, competitive range, potential market size, cumulative sales opportunity range, benchmarking.
  • Provide consulting support aimed at improving efficiencies, throughput, and contract response
  • Assist with the development of bid response document templates that can be used in response to a varied number of bid types.
  • Develop successful government contract strategy
  • Provide expertise, guidance, and recommendations focused on process procedures including evaluation of opportunities, bid protocols, and response mechanisms.
  • Develop and implement suitable controls and procedures for performance monitoring and operational processing including developing standard operating procedures and training programs
  • Provide client consultation on current and proposed contract issues / strategy
  • Provide turn-key program management of all aspects to include research, daily opportunity review, coordination with client personnel, contract administration, contract management, contract compliance, metrics reporting, training of company personnel on support issues, award implementation, as well as field sales assistance.

With proven methodologies and expertise to design and deliver a comprehensive program –large and small businesses, as well as federal, state, and foreign governments have trusted the Breen Consulting Group to provide thorough, accurate contract service, comprehensive program management, and contract oversight.

Our clients view us as partners in achieving their strategic objectives. We have earned this privileged status through our emphasis on customer service and dedication to constant evaluation and improvement of business processes. The Breen Consulting Group has built a team of specialists armed with industry knowledge and unique subject matter expertise to assist clients with solving specific challenges impacting operations.

The program services we offer are designed to provide a complete and total service to select clients.  Most consulting firms only advise a client what to do, with the actual implementation up to the client. The Breen Consulting Group provides consultation, and provides complete turn-key services to establish a program by which you can be successful and profitable.  The level of resources we put forth to any given project reflect the level of resources our clients currently provide.  In many cases, there is limited personnel or assets assigned to the project.  We fill in the holes and assign knowledgeable and experienced personnel that are up to the challenge.

How we help you succeed: Why it’s important:
Efficient, Cost-Effective Program Design & Management An effective, compliant program can provide a highly profitable revenue stream for up to 20 years

Comprehensive Market Intelligence

Without detailed market research, no targets are defined and no effective strategy can be developed

Contract Strategy Development

Through this process, goals and targets are identified and proven methods are implemented

Review of All Bid Opportunities

This provides the client with a review for relevance, as well as identification of potential compliance issues or special service/product requirements

We Prepare and Bid All Opportunities

We speak the language.  We put together bid proposals that meet government requirements, while meeting your operational requirements
Contract Administration Services



Administration of your GSA and other contracts are vital to the success and profitability of the contracts, as it allows you to make changes that affect pricing, products and services allowed under contract, as well as keeps contracts in compliance with contractual requirements

Partnership Philosophy


Working as one team improves program effectiveness

The success and viability of your GSA program is highly dependent on the resources you bring to bear.  The Breen Consulting Group offers a packaged service that provides a team of professionals to quickly and effectively establish your program, set strategy and process, and implement that strategy successfully.