Proper administration and management of your federal contracts is an important factor in the success of any government program.  Most contracts employ clauses that limit the amount of and level of economic price increases you can trigger in a year.  As such, you want an administrator that stays on top of your pricing to ensure you get approved for all price increases when they are allowed.  The assigned contract administrator at the BCG will ensure that not only is your pricing held up to date, but that all other contractual requirements are met and your contract remains current and compliant.  In addition, we look at our contract administrator as a team member for field sales support.  In many cases, field sales may have situations whereby the government customer may be asking for a service or product that is not covered under current contract.  In these cases, the contract administrator can easily add on services and products to your contract vehicle so that the deal can be signed.  In addition the contract manager ensures that the information displayed on government procurement web portals, such as GSA Advantage and DOD E-Mall are current, and reflect well on the client, as government buyers review this information as part of their purchasing process.

Contract Management is also an important factor in growth.  The contract administrator will review not only your current contract vehicle, but will look for other contracts that may be profitable for your company to pursue.  This can tie in directly with comprehensive research programs we provide that look years in advance to recurring contracts coming up, to include current contract holders, government points of contacts, as well as purchasing trends within an identified federal agency.

An outdated contract, or contract that had not been properly maintained can cost a company millions in dollars over the term of the contract.  As part of our service package, the Breen Consulting Group assigns a highly skilled contract administrator to manage your contract and to ensure all contracts are current, and that all reporting functions are properly addressed.   All contract modifications, additions, and submittals are included in this program.

If you are interested in discussing your consulting needs with us, please feel free to contact us directly.