In the late 1980’s and early 1990’s, the General Services Administration (GSA) sought a better and more efficient way to serve their customer base.  As a result, the GSA developed a contract vehicle that would allow companies to offer the government direct delivery of commercially available products. Participation in GSA contract development would be open to all companies, with the intent of multiple companies being awarded, hence the term Multiple Awards Contract. Once awarded, the products under contract would be open for purchase among all federal agencies.

The GSA Multiple Award (or Schedule) Contracts have an initial term of 5 years, with three (3) five-year options to extend. These contracts “Evergreen”, and as such companies can continually update the contract as it relates to pricing, products, and administration. Today, GSA and VA Multiple Awards Contracts account for over $40 billion in annual purchases and represent one of the fastest growing contract vehicle areas available.

The Breen Consulting Group has been instrumental in providing our client base with complete program development, to include:

  • Contract Attainment
  • GSA Advantage Program Development
  • Sales & Marketing Assistance
  • Contract Administration

Over the years, we have found that expertise, experience, and focus go a long way in the success of GSA contract development. Using our vast experience and expertise, Breen Consulting Group clients are afforded a program that allows for fast, efficient, profitable, and cost efficient entry into the government market.



The Breen Consulting Group has developed a proven, unique, efficient, and cost effective method of developing GSA Contract Programs for our client base. Our program is designed to present minimal disruption to our clients, allowing them to remain focused on core business interests throughout the entire process.

For GSA contract development, we send our clients a list of information we will need for the Initial Business Review (IBR). The IBR is a formal meeting designed to do the following:

  • Extract Information
  • Gain a Thorough Understanding of our Clients Commercial Sales Practices
  • Strategize as how to best your offer

As a result of the IBR, we come away with a complete understanding of your company’s commercial sales practices and with all of the information we require to complete your offer. Given that, we complete your entire offer and return to your offices for the Offer Review, typically in less than 1 week from when we started. From the date of the Initial Business Review to the time of submittal is normally less than 10 days.



Once submitted, The Breen Consulting Group continues to be your advocate, providing counsel and responses to queries put forth by the GSA. Prior to reaching this stage, we work with you to develop and implement a complete negotiation strategy. This strategy will be implemented through the final negotiation prior to award. Negotiators at the Breen Consulting Group have extensive experience in negotiating contracts, and guide you through every aspect in order for your company to maintain a high level profitability within this sector.


Contract Award

In 2016, our average time for contract award was under 97 days. Our program for development is unique as it provides for a compressed time frame to correctly develop your offering with contract award in mind.

Once under contract, our basic service package is inclusive of post-marketing requirements built into your GSA contract, such as:

  • GSA Advantage Development and Submittal — As a requirement of the your GSA contract, you are required to submit and maintain a presence on GSA Advantage. GSA Advantage is an online procurement and informational portal that allows government buyers to review the products and services your company has to offer, with the ability to purchase immediately online if desired. Statistics show that over 70,000 key decision makers and buyers review that site daily.
  • Contract Catalog — Most GSA contracts require development and submittal of a contract catalog. This catalog differs greatly from a commercial catalog as it must contain critical contract information in a specific format.

The GSA Contract Development Services provided by The Breen Consulting Group are unique in nature, customized to the needs of the client and are comprehensive in scope. Our expertise and knowledge in this area have been proven to expedite the award of contracts, as well as provide for contract award of firms that may not have been awarded without our assistance.

Once under contract, we can assist you in the day-to-day contract management, provides sales assistance, research, write your proposals, prepare and submit bids on your behalf, or simply review and submit opportunities available to you on an ongoing basis.  For specific information or to have a conversation concerning your needs, fell free to Contact us.