Consultants assist companies in many different facets, depending on the area of expertise.  GSA contract consulting is quite specialized. In our case, we carry an expertise in contract management, GSA Regulations and contract requirements, Federal Acquisition Regulations, Service Contract Act, Price Reduction Clauses, and many more requirements thrust upon any government contractor doing business with the government.

We make our clients successful in the public section.  As such, our clients rely on us to provide third party guidance and compliance to their contractual responsibilities.  This can include the following:

  • Sales and Corporate Staff Training.
  • Review of upcoming opportunities to identify potential issues and pitfalls, new requirements, and operational compliance issues.
  • Assistance in development and implementation of internal programs that comply with certain requirements within given contracts.
  • Liaise with government contract personnel, auditors, Inspector General and Department of Justice officials if needed.
  • Provide review and recommendations for issues identified by government oversight personnel.
  • Develop highly effective and impactful strategies to develop, grow, and maintain federal contracts
  • Develop and submit protests on issues which the client feel are unjust within the contracting realm

Over the years, we have provided consulting services to thousands of clients around the world.  In some cases, we are asked to assist on a given project, and others to consult on an ongoing basis throughout the term of the contract.  Thus, our clients are assured that they have access to expertise whenever needed.

If you are interested in discussing your GSA contract consulting needs with us, please feel free to contact us directly.